Dimitar Berbatov opened the scoring with an early goal against Southampton. Despite the fact his goals are usually attractive, this time there was something different: Berbatov revealed a t-shirt underneath his jersey, saying “Keep Calm and Pass Me the Ball”:
Berbatov - Keep Calm and Pass Me the Ball

Too arrogant? Never. Knowing Berba as an ellegant and intelligent player, and also noticing his great attitude off the pitch, there is nothing like that. This decision of the Bulgarian can be simply interpreted as a subtle sense of humor and even an irony to those who criticize him blindly. Actually “Keep Calm” posters gained some huge popularity lately, you can just google it or look where it all started.

But there is even more than that. Anyone watched Fulham has probably noticed the team plays timid football, there is no creativity from the midfield while the defenders only clear the ball or pass it back. So “Keep Calm and Pass Me the Ball” is actually a good advice – Fulham should play more boldly and combinative, without all that panic.

Dimitar Berbatov’s “Keep Calm” t-shirt:
Dimitar Berbatov's Keep Calm T-ShirtDimitar Berbatov's Keep Calm T-Shirt

Dimitar Berbatov t-shirt - Keep Calm

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